The CORD.Finance project will close on June 4, 2024 once CORD-BNB unlocks from UniCrypt. Any tokens staked/earned in the final Active Pools (live now) will be exchanged for an eventual share of the project BNB which will be sent to your depositing wallet on June 4, 2024 if the amount due exceeds 0.01 BNB. BNB distribution amounts will be based on the CORD balances in the pools as of June 4, 2024, plus VACC based on 1:150 CORD:VACC. ANY TOKENS DEPOSITED IN THE FINAL POOLS CANNOT BE WITHDRAWN. It may therefore be preferable for you to sell your CORD and VACC now rather than deposit for an eventual share of the BNB. We provide no advice either way. For our part, all three remaining team members are staking our CORD and VACC in the final pools rather than sell earlier.

Final Active Pools are located here with previous pools to be found under the Retired Pools link on that page, you’ll need to exit those. Unclaimed tokens sitting in the Retired Pools or circulating outside the final Active Pools will become worthless as of June 4, 2024 at project end.